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Dichomtomy During Eisenhower History p5db - Essay Example

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The 1950s were the years of great political, social and economic transformations in America. This period can be seen as a base of future stability and national prosperity of several generations of the American people. In spite of controversial and debatable issues related to the President Eisenhower and his presidency, the 1950s were the best decade of the 29th century…

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Dichomtomy During Eisenhower History p5db

Eisenhower perceived an international system dominated by a struggle between communist slavery and American freedom. This struggle was being fought in the Third World, an area dominated by the concept of nationalism. Communism was taking advantage of this spirit of nationalism by attempting to separate the Third World from the West, thus insuring the enslavement of those nations in which the attempt succeeded. Further complicating this struggle was the blindness of America's Western European allies to the fact that they could not retain their empires in light of this nationalism. This made it extremely difficult for the United States to protect these areas since the Third World nations, wary of U.S. allies, were suspicious of U.S. motives. Most importantly, Eisenhower believed that the United States had a moral obligation to protect these nations just as the U.S. government had a moral obligation to protect the individual liberties of its own citizens. The function of government was the same in both instances: to do for others what they could not do for themselves under the obligation of individual initiative. But how were these related to foreign policy outcomes Three examples should suffice to illustrate this relationship (Ambrose, 1999).
During 1950s, America overcame terror of the World War II and renewed its economy. ...
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