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Why I want to be an officer in the US army.

The US Army is founded upon seven principles i.e. Personal Courage, Integrity, Honor, Selfless Service, Respect, Duty and Loyalty. (US Army Manuals, 2008)Soldiers are taught about these values during training and they soon form part of their lives as they carry out their duties. Because I share in the desire to acquire and live according to these values, then I believe that the US Army would be the right place for me.
In the civilian world, many people are familiar with all the latter values; however, very few of them actually embrace them as part of their lives. Most of them may consider these values as theoretical ones and rarely do they adhere to all of them. However, US Army officers are different in this regard. This is because the seven Army values are part of what they are.
All US Army officers are expected to bear allegiance to the Army, the US constitution and to their fellow soldiers. Loyalty as an army value is first and foremost directed to the country and its heritage. In theory, this may seem like a relatively easy thing to do. However, there is much that has to be considered in the execution of this value. For instance, when soldiers are out in combat and they are heading towards a location that they may not be sure of, it is essential for these officers to demonstrate their loyalty to the Army by obeying the directions of their Captain. ...
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Many people may choose to pursue a career in law, medicine, education and others because they feel that this is their calling and that they are well cut out to do so. However, the reality of the duties one needs to carry out in those professions may make them change their minds…
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