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reflective analysis

The use of the particular voice, tone, or even rhythm in the narration helps the author in creating an element of mystery all through the narrative and especially at the end of the account where he keeps the mystery about the young man open-ended. In the narrative account, the narrator begins with a focus on the hero's entering to the scene and there is exclusive account of the features of the person along with his way of walking, talking, and gesturing. Similarly, the author has been effective in creating a piece of great organization through keeping all the accounts related to the person of interest. Another noticeable feature of the narrative is the use of diction and he has been effective in keeping things simple while narrating the events concerning the mysterious ways of the young man's behavior. The readers gain an interesting perspective of approaching strange elements in life and the author's tone and diction help them greatly in appreciating the beauty of the passage.
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In a reflective analysis of the narrative situation emulated by the author, it becomes palpable that the author is highly focused on narrating the strange elements that he found in his hero, a young gentleman who keeps his mobile phone close to his ears all the while…
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