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Saddam Husseins Execution

President of the United States, George Bush applied his doctrine of pre-emption and US forces entered Afghanistan. In pursuance of this policy, the Bush administration went a bit further and made an effort to win hearts and minds of the Muslims. Once again the old rivals of first Gulf war were confronting each other. But this time the objective was even bigger. The allied forces led by US troops, made a plan and showed determination to get rid of Saddam Hussain once and for all. This would have given two clear benefits namely support from the long suppressed Iraqi nation, who would welcome any positive change and secondly the permanent footings in the region of middle east that has enormous value because of its precious mineral resources (Mike Shuster 2006).
The Arab world wanted freedom from the fearful and despotic rule of Saddam Hussein and US promised exactly that (Hasan Abu Nimah 2007). Although some of the analysts claim that the war was unjustified on the grounds that it did not have the backing of United Nations. Still others say that this was the only way to relieve the Iraqi nation of its miseries. This is the way that would pave well for the conducive environment for democracy. ...
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Saddam Hussein's lynching has raised many questions: Why was Saddam Hussain brought to gallows What are the factors, which paved the way to the end of the illustrious rule of Saddam Hussein And what impact did the execution of former Iraqi president would have on the political situation of Middle East in general and Iraq in particular…
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