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The Runaway Son by Brent Staples - Book Report/Review Example

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Author : ybergstrom
Book Report/Review
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Brent Staples is a well-known writer who has penned several articles and short stories. Among one of his most popular pieces of work is The Runaway Son. This story is basically about forming perspectives in life depending on the environment one is brought up in…

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The Runaway Son by Brent Staples

The main protagonist of the story is a young boy who runs away from home and the perspectives that shape his life. Perspectives are the basis of one's life experiences. Without perspectives, we are devoid of the very capability of garnering worthwhile learning from life's experiences. This is the basic argument of the story penned by Brent Staples. In this story, the young boy sees various people and various things that teach him a lot in life. For example, the line, "for some people, a four year old beyond its mother's reach is invisible," shows great depth in the thought process that has evolved in the boy's mind. This shows that the boy's basic perspective revolves around the sphere of worthwhile learning and what he measures and perceives as worthwhile learning. (Brent, 1994; Pp 285 - 292)
What learning is 'worthwhile learning' This is decided by the cognitive development of a person in terms of his or her general competencies as demonstrated within and outside the educational institution. This fact can be found in the very tone of the story as well as the characterisations. It could be argued that any learning that contributes to the overall shaping of a person's cognitive development for positive interactions within their various spheres of operation are the determinants of what learning is 'worthwhile learning'. This is where the basic symbolic beauty of the story lies. ...
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