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Ethical Aspects

It is important that ethical aspects are included so that the body of evidence that is available to policy makers reflects the diversity of the population. The essay will analyse this case study with a view to determining the value of the research to the participants and investigators, as well as assessing the validity and precision of the study.
For any research studies to go ahead, investigators have got to ensure that the study is valuable to the current body of knowledge and to the participants. Research has to contribute to improving the health and wellbeing, and in this case study, it sought to determine the links between suicidal tendencies and low cholesterol levels. The information derived from this research study would be valuable to participants, as they would be aware of factors that could be detrimental to their health. This information is also valuable to the patient population as it is thought to be specific to patients with Para suicidal tendencies. This research found that those patients with low cholesterol levels were more likely to develop suicidal tendencies than the control groups.
To further enhance the value, the study had to be designed in such a way that would reduce bias; which could have been introduced through age-related disorders such as dementia, anorexia, etc. ...
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In clinical research, the dignity, rights, safety and well-being of participants must be the primary consideration and must meet ethical standards. This includes obtaining informed consent which is at the heart of ethical research (Research Governance Framework 2004)…
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