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Psychology (Clinical depression)

(Robinson, Berman, Neimeyer, 1990) Depression can appear at any age, but it is prevalent now among children and adolescents, especially when they are the offspring of adults with depression. It can also strike late in life and its symptoms of impaired memory, slow speech and slowed movement can be mistaken for those of senility or stroke.
Psychological treatment of depression assists the depressed individual in several ways. First of all, it helps to ease the pain of depression with addressing the feelings of hopelessness that go along with depression. That supportive counseling changes the pessimistic ideas, unrealistic expectations, and critical self-evaluations that create depression and sustain it. A qualified therapist is to help the depressed person to recognize which life problems are critical, and which are minor, and to develop positive life goals, and a more positive self-assessment. At last, the problem solving therapy changes the areas of the person's life that are creating significant stress, and contributing to the depression. ...
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Clinical depression is a common, real and treatable illness that can occur to anyone, of any age and to people of any ethic group. (Neimeyer, Levitt , 2001) Depression is a psychological condition that changes how a person think and feel, and also effects one's social behaviour and sense of physical well-being…
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