Information Security and Privacy

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Networks are built in order to allow users to share, however it also allows other users the possibility to obtain information and other data that are not meant for them. This is becoming a bigger problem as organizations connect their private networks onto the internet.


Although there are several methods to prevent unauthorised access; users occasionally are able to get through the security systems, and it is therefore essential for organizations to also be capable f detecting intruders.
Before beginning to discuss how networks can be secured to improve the prevention f intruders, the reason why it is important to prevent intruders will be pointed out to help understand why network security is vital for many businesses.
As organizations around the world rely heavily on computers for all their information storage and processing, unprotected computers and networks can be an easy means for anyone to obtain this information. Also as organizations become increasingly dependent on computers and networks to run the business any damage can cause numerous problems for a business with possible costs within the millions. (Fitzgerald 1-7)
These costs are caused by the inability to use computers therefore affecting productivity and sometimes causing the complete inability to run the business. As computer systems assist heavily in running businesses and store many f the organizations private data it is easy to see why organizations need to secure their computer systems or it will cost them.
Passwords is a relatively easy and cheap ...
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