Managed Healthcare

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Healthcare services are a very crucial and integral part of our lives. During the good old days, health care services were considered part of the government's task and hospital services were managed mostly by the government authorities. But, as we enter the twenty first century, the market driven economies, where all aspects of life are being viewed from the angle of sales and marketing, has led to a situation where healthcare services too are considered as services requiring marketing.


It is under such circumstances that the role of a care-giver becomes all the more important. While on the one hand, the care-giver has to take care of the organizational goals and the profitability aspects, on the other hand the care-giver is supposed to provide the best care and guidance to the customer. Once, such arrangements takes cues from corporate management, the healthcare too becomes 'managed healthcare'. From the point of view of a consumer, the pros of such managed healthcare are;
v. At times, in situations like the consumer is on tour to place outside the native place, then the tie-up between caregiver companies helps the consumer in getting a good care from some affiliated company as well
i. The consumer gets tied up with a particular company for longer time and even if there are better alternatives, he/she cannot go for a change, because of the agreement between the consumer and the healthcare company
But entering into a managed healthcare plan with consumer also involves some risk for the company. ...
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