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J.Sainsbury is a widely respected chain store that has a 140-year old history in customer servicing and providing quality products at affordable prices. Its maxim of good quality at lower price has been at the core of its success story for many years of its history and has underpinned its supremacy for nearly 3 half centuries of trade in UK food sector, besides diversifying into banking, insurance and core financial areas.


This study is concerned about how customers, and even the public feel about J.Sainsbury, as a premier consumer enterprise, considering the fact that often traditional firms may find it difficult, or unwise, to evolve new stratagems to suit contemporaneous business, and unwilling to institute radical changes for better prospects.
In the case of JS, this has assumed more significance since the years 1993 onwards has proved tumultuous in its sedate history. However, it is seen that as a consequence of change in top leadership during 1993, the fortunes of JS declined and it lost its long standing market supremacy and has now been relegated into the third position after Tesco and Asda. It is quite possible that it could not institute aggressive competitive strategies and market driven techniques to retain its stronghold in the midst of strong rivalry from Asda and Tesco. "Leadership positions are maintained not only by responding to changing demand but by steering the market using innovative products and consumer education." (Gehlhar et al 2009).
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