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Essay example - Irish Government's e-Government Initiative

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The increase wave of globalization that has been taking place in the world has been changing in many fronts in the world. It has not only changed the business world but there has also been a change in the social life as well the change is social life has been attributed by increasing interaction of people from all parts of the world…

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The evolution in communication and information technology has been effective in changing the way we communicate. There has been increasing call for democratic regime which is more open and accountable to the people. This has led to the change of view of governance as a leadership by the people and for the people in which the ruled have more say. With the need to be more open to the public and to be more accountable in deliver of service, many government in the world have been taking drastic measures which are aimed at making their service deliver structure better to the people. There has also bee a call for more accountability in governance. In this case the governments have been working to have a system through which the citizens can learn about what is happening in the government and also systematically seek their opinion on various issues that relates to governance.
In this case e-government has become one of the most important tools that are being used by various governments in order to enhance accountability and ensure deliver of quality services. E-government in its simple definition can be termed as the use of information can communication technologies in order to improve the activities of the public sector organizations. ...
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