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During the nineteenth century several persons took the leading role in the european literature and were at the head of mental development. The Count Leo Tolstoy became the eminent representative of the literature after such famous writers as Henry Goethe and Victor Hugo…

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In contrast to other writers of his generation Tolstoy was connected with noble families of Russian aristocracy, who had brilliant French pronunciation and manners. At the same time he was a person full of antagonism. When Leo was nine he became an orphan. Tolstoy's upbringing was in the hands of Madam Egorsky. Having lost the parents Tolstoy became a rather difficult child. He was naughty boy with unexpected deeds, thoughts, ideas, but very kind-hearted (Derrick Leon, 1944, p. 54).
Tolstoy began the literary work at the age of twenty. Being so young the author already had the dismissal from today's literary cannon. He always kept in mind the agonizing doubts between the dream and reality. It became the initial question that came through all his creative life. During his whole life Leo Tolstoy kept a diary. In 1852 the strict analisys of himself and surrounding left the bounderies of the diary and became a literary masterpiece. The author wrote his trilogy - "Childhood", "Boyhood" and "Youth". It was a work about different epoches in the life of every person.
Up to Tolstoy it was considered that a human beeing was developing from simple level to complicated one. Every next step of his spiritual experience exceeded and canceled the privious one. We grew and our childhood left us forever. ...
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