Equal opportunities Essay

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The economic developments of the last decade have lead to an increase in global trade among countries with different levels of social and labour systems. To maintain the continued pattern of growth, increased productivity has become a necessity.
An enhanced output from all members of the workforce at all levels acquires the center stage, especially women who on account of family responsibilities, don't get to contribute as much as they could.


The proportion of women working in essentially male staffed sectors, the informal sector, or in various forms of contract labour, is often high, just as the proportional participation of women in the formal sector are often lower and they tend to suffer from occupational segregation and disadvantage in terms of their conditions of employment (those who receive unequal pay for work of equal value).
Gender equality in GLA has been clearly set out from the start, with important issues of the process already in motion. It is exceptional in that the organization doesn't suffer the history of disadvantage found in the many of public sector bodies, and can therefore work on gender equality can go ahead without the traditional constraints.
The public duty on gender equality in GLA makes required arrangements with regard to the principle that there should be equality for all. Its strategy for equality for women attempts that the organisation reflects the entire local community at all strata. The mainstreaming of gender equality has been found to be considerably easier in a newly created public body with equalities as a dimension of officer responsibilities.
This is visible in ...
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