Geriatric Nursing

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The article is a study on Incidence of Tooth Loss and Prosthodontic Dental Care. The study was done in Florida with eight hundred seventy three persons as participant who had at one tooth and aged 45 and older at baseline. The study is done thru interviews and clinical examinations.


People who reported tooth loss were 2.7 times more likely to report chewing difficulty onset than people without tooth loss. The article concluded that the incident of tooth loss and removable prosthodontic restoration strongly predicted chewing difficulties, and important component of OHRQoL.
The author of the article presented important facts supported by studies and articles. The study/research was supported by articles and books from where the idea was taken from by the author. An example of it is when the author claims the "Tooth loss can have a substantial influence on quality of life". By referencing it properly what the author claims is very well supported. Another example is the part wherein he mentioned on the "agreement between self-reported and clinically examined tooth loss was high." This was taken from Gilbert , Comparison of two methods of estimating 48 months tooth loss incident.
There are at least 18 references which are more than 10 years older. It still supports the document but there are some articles which may have a new or revised version. There are 5 reference that are within the last 5 years .
The implications of the article in the health care of the geriatric patient are important. Chewing problem may result in several clinical illnesses such as weight loss, dehydration and debility. ...
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