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Case Study: Cultural & Ethical Factors that affect a Muslim COPD Patient

"To deliver truly patient-centred care it is important that health professionals respect the religion and culture of all their patients" (Gatrad,R). Muslim's pray five times a day and any interference that may cause them to miss out on this religious duty shall create an atmosphere of distrust between the patient and hospital staff. This needs to be avoided at all costs by ensuring that the patient is provided with an opportunity to pray even if this entails walking him/her down to a prayer room (if available).
The intake of pork is prohibited in any form and any medicine (oral or otherwise) that has used this as an ingredient will not be acceptable to a Muslim patient. Doctor's need to be aware of this and should always prescribe medicine accordingly to avoid refusal of the patient to have his medication. A Muslim patient will also decline any meat (beef/chicken/mutton/sheep) that has not been obtained through Kosher Dietary Practices although fish will be acceptable.
Interaction with members of the opposite sex is also strictly prohibited by Islam (except for immediate family) and strict care needs to be taken when appointing doctors and nursing staff to Muslim COPD patients. ...
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Chronic stable COPD patients are treated at home whereas those who are more serious need to be admitted to a hospital. Once a patient is admitted into a hospital he needs Nursing Care, Medication and Surgery (if need be). Many ethical and cultural factors need to be properly addressed to ensure that hospital care does not offend a Muslim patient in any way…
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