American Literature, Critcial Essay

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Since ancient times, religion has been a dominant factor in society determining its values, principles and traditions. For the American nation, religion becomes the main unified factors which linked people from different backgrounds together. The works of literature shows that the nature of man and the nature of things occur in securing to all those who are sharers with one another in the same language: and this, with or without those other points of identity which are common to you and them -- the same customs, the same religion, and in their origin, and in a necessarily and everlastingly large part of their texture, the same laws.


Smith writes: "everything of worth is found full of difficulties: but nothing so difficult as to establish a commonwealth so far remoate from men and means, and where men's minds are so untoward as neither do well themselves, nor suffer others" (105). Yes: no two objects can in their own nature be more intimately connected, than are the interests of the two great parties: nothing more perfect and identical than the interest they both have, in being, in respect of Government, separate. Forced under one and the same Government, the two families have been, are, and never can cease to be, enemies: enemies -- not only each to the other, but each to itself: separate, they will be, each in harmony with itself -- each to the other, a nearest and dearest friend. One form of government there is in which, to any considerable extent, the sinister sacrifice is constantly impracticable.
The work The Flesh and the Spirit by A. Bradstreet describes the role of religion in life of ordinary citizens and the role of Puritan values in national identity. ...
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