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Anger Management

This section examines the common myths of anger, for example, the myth that frustration leads to aggression which some individuals use to explain and therefore excuse their anger. In fact, anger is only one of many responses to frustration and the book offers the reader a new range of choices on how to cope with frustration.
The authors suggest steps to take to personal responsibility for anger. Learning to set limits, learning about your own needs, learning to negotiate assertively, and learning to let go are some of the steps described. The succeeding paragraphs contains a summary of the concepts are discussed.
Experiences that are accompanied by intense emotions are not only clearly remembered but are also likely to have profound positive and negative effects on our personality. When the negative far outweigh the positive effects, it becomes necessary for us to control our emotions. Unless we do this, our mental health is jeopardized an we may soon find ourselves suffering from some form of maladjustment.
Our emotions, properly directed and expressed, will motivate us to action and give us enjoyment, strength, and endurance. Emotions, particularly the intense ones as fear, anger and love, energize or motivate behavior. It has been stated that when we derive satisfaction from an activity, we are motivated to repeat or continue with the activity. ...
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When Anger Hurts, Quieting the Storm Within , is written by two psychologists, Dr. Matthew McKay who is co-author of five popular self-help books and Dr. Peter Rogers who is co-author of two widely read self-help books, and a nurse practitioner Judith McKay…
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