Suicidal Behavior

Case Study
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Fairweather's "From Suicide to Survival" tells about the story of a suicidal individual with the focus mainly on what brought about the suicidal tendencies and the road to redemption. Qualitative analysis of the narrative has resulted to a very interesting discussion that enlightens the reader about the psyche of a suicidal person and the dynamics and processes that leads to such conditions.


Nevertheless, I have established the following cause and effect relationship for the suicidal case:
Family related - an abusive father with grave personal issues such as gambling addiction (p. 86); a self-destructive mother who eventually died leaving the children to fend for themselves (p. 86); a sister as a source of envy (p. 88). Suicidal tendencies common in the family (p. 86).
Self related - attempt to make people around feel guilty; tendency to blame self for the miseries happening around her (p. 95). The narrator also had the feeling of being powerless of saving the parent whom he loved very much (p. 93).
Society related - being a woman at that time (stated to be 1972) was disadvantageous because of the concept of man as superior than his partner. (p. 92). There was also a lack of effectiveness for the support and rescue system such as tranquilizers only causing lethargy, uninspired trainee psychiatrist and ignorant love of nuns at the convent school (p. 85).
The Cause and Effect analysis reveals many important points for the determination of the suicidal tendencies. Foremost of the reason is the abusive father who found it appropriate to make his children suffer as he did. ...
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