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Business Environment and Public Policy

Apart from these emissions, man's industries also went ahead towards emission of various other gases that resulted in decreasing ozone layer and the protection built that nature has built around the earth. The natural causes that encouraged life on earth were getting destroyed by these artificial sources.
Global Warming is a much talked about topic, discussed in many international and national forums, so much so that people have come to accept it as a part of life which is very dangerous. The effects of global warming is still in the laboratory; so is the cause of global warming and the extent to which it will affect human life and the environment. This paper tries to explore the various effects, the lobby that has helped to build up the needed hype to draw attention to the issues. Finally, we also analyze the reasons behind the Global Warming and the methods to counter it and the need to counter it (Global Warming, 1999)..
Global Warming is due to what is known as the Green House effect. The green house effect occurs because of the reason that the emitted carbon monoxide and the associated gases that are hot rise to the top of the atmosphere and do not allow the heat of the earth to radiate and lose itself. This results in the green house effect and the global warming. There are a number of contributors to the green house effect. ...
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Industrial growth has been synonymous with the growth of the country and the civilization of men associated with it. Since the Industrial Revolution and the onset of fossil fuel use, human life has been associated with excessive pollution occurring various forms…
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