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Cynthia Halpern

This is primarily because, as the reader soon realizes, the focus is not on Luther per se but on a set of themes which much of his discourses and writings revolved around and which, subsequently figured into the writings and discourses of the named philosophers. These themes are loyalty and obedience to temporal rulers versus loyalty and obedience towards God; the absence of God in material form versus the emphatically material presence of the Church; the church which resides within the faithful Christian and which is found wherever the faithful conglomerate for worship versus the artificial Church which has been imposed upon the faithful by those who have set themselves up as the mediators between God and man; and the suffering which the faithful must endure and whether religiosity is inextricably linked with suffering. These are questions which Luther raised and which later philosophers analyzed from various interpretive angles, ultimately culminating in Nietzsche's declaration that God was dead.' They are question to which there are no satisfactory answers or at least, answers which would satisfy the collective. ...
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Commencing with a comprehensive and highly informative account of the theocratic philosophical precepts which informed, even precipitated Luther's Protestant Reformation, Cynthia Halpern critically analyzes the divide between the temporal and the spiritual world across several philosophers and ages…
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