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Questionaire Desgin

There is a complete process in questionnaire design, over which the questions to be asked are decided, the steps are: specifying the information needed, specifying the type of interviewing methods, determining the content of individual questions, designing the questions to overcome the respondents inability and unwillingness to answer, deciding upon the question structure, determining the question wordings, arranging the questions in a proper order, identifying the form and layout, reproducing the questionnaire and last as the pretesting of the questionnaire.
Regarding the question's design, there are few important points need to be focused upon, as a poor design can provide a poor data. There are many types of questions such as unstructured questions that are need to be answered in own words of the respondents, they should be as minimum as possible as the respondent's time is also important and people also hesitate to provide personal information. There are structured questions as well such as multiple choice, which should be used the most, dichotomous questions, which are having only two answers "yes" and "no" or even "don't know", they also should be used frequently to save respondents time and making it easier for the respondent to answer. ...
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The questionnaire design is the second most important step in any research after the problem definition, simply because if the questionnaire would not be prepared in relation to the information what is desired for a successful research then the entire project can go waste and also the results obtained would be full of errors and inaccurate, one cannot take judgments or decisions on wrong analysis…
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