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Screening Logs: Ninja Scroll

The film was among the famous films outside Japan and went through numbers of debates concerning its classification ratings due to its content. The film hallmark was its traditional Japanese mythology and having mature contents: violence and sex. Having such content, it is but natural people to think and critic about it and joins the crowd.
It is actually unusual for woman warriors in most films. It is evident that the film exemplifies the role of woman in a society. However, ironic in Asian culture, woman always does the household chores and takes care of the family. In the film, it show woman manages to do the role of a man, being a warrior in the sense of man's position among family relationship. It is evident that woman in the society practices the task man does in whatever way, having their principles and believes that woman can do what man does.
Since it is a Japanese film, it shows different Japanese cultures, from its traditional dress and the settings. Even though Japan is a well-developed country with its technological industry leading many nations, the conventional way of living is well preserved and established. The ninja traditions as well are manifestly throughout the film.
Violence and sexual contents are in plethora in every scene. Reflecting to East Asia region, where violence is a high threat and dubbed, as a ground of sex trafficking, is not a typical topic for western countries. ...
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