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Essay example - MBA Project Management

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The plants manager's argument that hiring an external project manager would result in more work is not justified because the work to teach him would only be initially. After that he would be able to use his expertise and knowledge to improve the results. The argument that it would take time to design an information system for formal project management is justified because designing the system has to go through several processes and due to the shortage manpower…

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Cross- utilization of resources would also reduce the cost.
Hyten has taken a reasonable approach to implement formal project management. Project management cannot be implemented without taking the employees in confidence. For this purpose, it organized the seminar to enlighten the management with the benefits of project management. Having confidential interviews was a good way to understand the hurdles in implementing the project and employees' perceptions. However, the implementers should consider the arguments presented by the managers and devise solutions to cater to the problems involved especially to those presented by the plant and engineering managers. They should meet with the general manager and take him into confidence too. They should also consider the time period for creating an adequate information system required for project management. For that, they may approach an outside company to find out how much time it would take to create the same information system for them
The organizational personnel were focusing more on the disadvantages. ...
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