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Essay example - Fashion as Base in Involvement in Understanding Consumers

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This is a brief report on understanding consumer behavior using purchase-decision involvement scale proposed by Mittal and personal involvement inventory proposed by Zaichowski. This report will basically consist of description of each followed by relevance…

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Often the involvement is of two types, one is situational which happens when some one has to purchase the item right then and has to make a purchase decision. There is another more enduring form in which the buyer maintains the level of interest in a product or a service , well after the situation has passed and endures even if the purchase situation does not exist. The purchase decision involvement involves four parties, the individual definitely, the product or the service class , the situation and the communication. The scale which Mittal has proposed at a high level of enduring involvement the product or service would have many attributes evaluated with compensatory decision models a narrow latitude of acceptance and a true brand loyalty. At the low end of the scale attributes are less important, the decision model is non compensatory and a wide latitude of acceptance and spurious brand loyalty. Again on the high end of the scale you have substantive messages on why the brand is what it is on the low end , the ads have little substance. Ads are fewer on the high end and frequent ads on the low end. Price is relatively less important on the high end , but is usually important on the low end.
Fashion involvement is a consumers percieved importance of fashion clothing( O'Cass 2001). Fashion leaders generally are the trend setters in the fashion market. They are the first to purchase apparel when new fashions come into the market. ...
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