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Plotinus and His Theory of Beauty

It is everything and nothing, everything and nowhere. The One is the source of all beings and, as the Good, the goal of all aspirations, human and non-human." (Bussanich, 1996, p. 38). According to Plotinus, everything that exists in the world flows out of the One and it is the One which emanates the divine Intellect. In turn, the Intellect originates the Soul, which incorporates the world soul, the human and other souls, and it is the Soul which produces the nature and matter in the universe. To Plotinus, one of the most striking features of the One is that it remains ever-complete and undiminished, in spite of the emanation and the idea of emanation of the One indicates that reality is structured in a hierarchical order, stretching from the uplifting source down to corporeal matter. Plotinus' theory of beauty can be realized in relation to his overall metaphysical psychology. As Binita Mehta maintains, the perception of beauty, according to Plotinus, dumbfounds the soul and fills it with love. ...
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One of the most essential aspects of Plotinus' metaphysics is his theory of beauty which has given rise to immense commentary and interpretations in philosophical studies and Plotinus designates the One as "beauty beyond beauty," as "superabundance of beauty," which indicates that for him the inspiring reality is eminently beautiful…
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