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Government Guidance on Child Protection

For example, to safeguard children in such a manner that each child irrespective of race or class acquires equal share with the aid from charities as charity trustees is the responsibility shouldered by the UK charitable trust (Safeguarding Children, Nov 2006). Similarly other key partners that work along with the Governmental bodies in protecting children have duties to support children's families that are needy and are unable to contribute towards means to alleviate child abuse.
That clearly indicates the notion that partnership cannot be created and maintained alone by the agencies unless they are given adequate moral support by the children's family and their informal networks of support. Children's families are also supposed to play role in partnership working because many studies of problems among child population have indicated that children perceive their problems to be connected with the all-encompassing broad domains of school, family, friends and health. ...
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The word 'safeguarding' which covers the entire 'child protection' issues under the umbrella of children's welfare involves local agencies along with children's welfare organisations to seek assistance from Governmental bodies. This way not only the burden to take necessary measures to minimise the risk of child abuse is shared, but also child protection issues are dealt professionally…
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