Role of Labor in Texas

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Labor plays a significant part in the process of production. In fact, it is the most important factor of production, without which land and capital lay idle. It is human beings and their labor that combines the other factors of production in such a way that would optimizes productivity and maximizes profits.


Labor is not only composed of the citizen of a certain city or country. Labor is a mobile factor of production, which migrates from one place to another for better opportunities, adding to the productive capacity of their new society. However, there is also a downside to the migration of labor. While they may satisfy the labor needs of their new place and may also improve the quality and quantity of labor and products (by increasing competition for the existing labor), their migration may aggravate housing, sanitation, and health problems. Their presence may also give rise to tensions and riots between the locals and migrants.
Agriculture is one of sectors of US economy that is highly dependent on migrant labor. This is because the native-born Americans are not attracted to this sector due to its seasonal nature and physical requirements. One of states, where this phenomenon is most evident is Texas. Migrant labor controls the agricultural sector in Texas. They fulfill the fruit and vegetable requirements of the country.
Because of the latest fears about in-land safety, the American government has tightened its immigration policies. However, this may have dire consequences for agricultural sector. ...
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