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Interactive Training of Hospitality Operations Personnel

The rise in employee turnover costs and the increased use of technology in the industry further emphasizes the need for training (Sheldon and Gee, 1987).
Internet based 'interactive training' programs (an umbrella term that includes both computer based and multi-media training) of hospitality operations staff provides access to on-demand training, tracking of each trainees' progress, as well as in-depth reporting of each trainee (, 2000). The training is provided with an interactive format that includes text, animation and audio. A successful interactive training program in the hospitality sector ensures consistency in providing a quality environment for employees, guests and visitors. It is a cost effective way of upgrading skills of hospitality personnel, the benefit of which can be visible from consistent and quality delivery of essential guest services and avoidance of any litigious situation.
In the present age of IT dominance, interactive training of hospitality personnel is an integral part of the industry without which introduction of technologies in the hospitality sector would not have the desired result. ...
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The hospitality industry spans the globe, with many hotel chains owning properties in dozens of locations. The popularity of any hotel or resort destination is ultimately determined by the visitors' satisfaction with the vacation experience. This experience is influenced by the quality of interaction between the guest and the travel industry personnel and by the quality of facilities and attractions at the hotel/resort (Sheldon & Gee, 1987).
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