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Business to Business Marketing

From the current organizational structure it can be deduced that SCS is a centralized, line-staff function organization. Keeping this in mind and the growth strategy they choose, it would directly impact their success in the new region. The positive fact us that SCS has a very good word of mouth. However, the question is to maintain the same level of word of mount in the new region, they would have to match the same deliverables that they are in Birmingham.
SCS will soon be completing a decade of operating successfully in the UK market. After establishing its brand name in the commercial cleaning market, now they are seeking to expand their operations to other regions. One resource that SCS has underrated till yet has been the sales force. While expansion is the strategy for SCS for the next five years, the need of having a sales force for the implementation of the expansion strategy is of extreme importance.
Adequate division of work: SCS management should divide work equally; the burden sharing should be fair. However, simultaneously, the burden sharing has to be intelligently allocated for e.g. ...
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This report relates to Spectrum Cleaning Services (SCS) who have been operating successfully in Birmingham, UK and have had over 7.2 M turnover in the year 2006.In vie of their success, they are looking ahead for expansion in the Norwich area.
The objective of this report is to analyze and evaluate the current situation and arrive at possible solutions & recommendations for the above -mentioned issues being faced by the management of SCS…
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