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Sports Management - Essay Example

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Mankind's outdoor activities which interest him and which he performs regularly for fun and especially for competition against another individual to show that he is best can be described as a sport. We have come far from this crude definition of a sport. Nowadays a sport is not just a game…

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Sports Management

Obviously this means that things have become much more complex. Who will manage the team for instance Who will select the team in the first place from the thousands of talented individuals who have turned to give trials All this calls for some form of organization and proper management of sports. This is where sports management comes in. It is basically there to, well, manage sports. More specifically, this looks at sports from a more business point of view. How can you cash in on sports How to promote certain kinds of sports in the best way possible and which sports to stop chasing because they are just not worth spending a fortune on
Entering into this field has many options to choose from. You can become a sports agent, who will basically provide you and your team opportunities to come on the stage and prove your worth. From there on then the whole thing will be your own talent. You can go on to become a sports manager, who in a nutshell will manage your team making sure that no member harms the team in any way such as getting caught in match fixing and so on. If you are good with words then you can become a publicist where you can publicize the team and make it sound better than they really are, in many cases.
It sounds like an exciting range of jobs to do, and the above described jobs don't even scratch the surface of the oppo ...
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