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bib 8

We have to seek the historical truth in the middle and to take into consideration the historical moment as well as who documented it.
War is a tragedy. And the losers in a war having been destroyed and devastated are left at the will and mercy of the winners. We are led to believe that winners are those who direct the course of history and they are to decide what will be written in the textbooks. In this essay I will investigate and show that indeed winners respectively those in power write the history, providing substantial examples.
The history is as true as the victors say it is. Beresford (2003) claims that there is much evidence to justify that indeed, winner write the history. He narrates about a recent discovery that he made about submarine warfare during the World War II. Bereford (2003) never doubted it that German submarines were torpedoed. However when the archives were opened few decades later, the myth clashed, as apparently it was only one such recorded submarine attack. Is this fair This rhetorical question pervades generations of historians and scholars. My opinion is that it is not fair for history to be written by the winners, but the facts show something else.
Bereford (2003) cited Jean-Luc Picard who famously said that the victors invariably write the history to their own advantage. ...
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Most people would agree with the idea that history is written by the victors, meaning that the more successful (militarily, economically, authoritatively, etc.) countries both receive the most attention and decide on how to present themselves to the world.
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