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The Role of Women in Developing Countries

(Levy, 1988).
The sociological concept of functionalism enables one to understand the importance of one's role in society. Functionalism is the perspective concerned with actions among individuals, the constraints imposed by social institutions on individuals, and links between the needs of an individual and the satisfaction of those needs through cultural and social frameworks. (Alan Barnard, 2000). It draws from the contribution of Emile Durkheim. Durkheim explained that a society functions smoothly similar to that of a healthy organism which is made of many parts put together in larger systems. These systems correspond to its own special purpose of function in consonance with the others. Durkheim stated that societies have structures similar to an organism. Social institutions just like the parts of the body also function together within larger systems. The social systems cover relations of kinship, belief, politics, and economics which are woven together as the society in the same manner that the various biological systems together form the organism.
In this paper, the sociological concept of functionalism will be applied to the role of women in developing countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Korea. Singapore is known as a patriarchal state. Malaysia is an Islamic state. Korea also adheres to the importance of a woman's work in the home.
The status of women in Sing ...
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The woman's work at home which keeps families and communities functioning is not reflected in the gross national product of any country nor is it accorded importance in establishing the economic planning of a country. However, the woman's work is substantial and important in the functioning of the entire society…
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