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Essay example - Environmental Literacy and Sustainability

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Ecology, as a core discipline of biology has looked to identify the key factors that comprise an environmental science model of sustainable and unsustainable development. The parameters of ecological management are critical, and many theories exist to explain the underlying processes…

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However, many economists disagree with this approach, claiming that constraints on the use of natural resources will inhibit the advancement of modern and creative societies (Allen, Tainter, & Hoekstra, 2003). It has been commented upon that the current discourse may be confounded by political biases, which serve only to limit the ability of societies to plan for a sustainable future (Allen, Tainter, & Hoekstra, 2003).
It is generally conceded within the ecological community that there are limits to the human ability to produce and consume of the natural environment. Present research concerns are oriented at global unsustainable development and the threat to human survival within the 'earth household' (Allen, Tainter, & Hoekstra, 2003). From the research findings has arisen an emphasis on sustainability education, both at the academic level, and at the level of the every-day consumer or the corporate executive, all of whom are inter-connected systems of the global ecosystem called Earth. ...
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