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How technology has changed the world

In the early 1990's Internet has revolutionised the world. Communication is being made at the speed of light. E-commerce is the result of Internet. Instead of outdoor shopping many people are purchasing goods through Internet.
Human beings are different from other animal, that's why they are called as social animals. This is because they can think and most importantly can communicate easily with each other. To reduce the gap between geographical areas and the curiousness of man to know what's on the side has made him to invent different things.
Thousands of years ago they started communicating with each other. In 3500BC alphabets were invented in the written form. This helped in the introduction of postal service. This way communication between different parties was made. But for long distances it became difficult.
The Chinese invented paper and the book came by 100AD. Slowly all the writings were entered into the books. Books were best for storing information for long time without causing much damage. Newspapers were introduced into the Europe by 1450AD. Newspapers were the best way to know about the issues happening nationwide. Joseph Henry invented the first telegraph in 1831. ...
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This paper presents how technology has changed the world in many forms. The industrial and technological revolutions have brought many changes in people's life. With the help of introduction of new equipment some difficult tasks were made easy. The introduction of railroads, postal service, telegraph, telephone systems, radio communication system, automobiles, aeroplanes, etc., helped people to achieving their targets in short time and reduced the spatial distance…
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