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Ulcerative colitis

This paper will be divided into two main categories, whereby the first category will outline the characteristics and nature of Ulcerative Colitis. There will be a thorough discussion of what the disease is and what it is not in terms of its similarities and differences to Crohn's disease, as well as according to its prognosis. The second category will highlight the skills of a nurse necessary in managing patients affected by this disorder. In such, there will be a clear definition of the management and care that is justified with rationale and scientific explanation. The second category will also address the case study present. It is the intent of this paper to establish a complete understanding of the disease as well as the medical management aspect that is vital to the kind of care provided to patients.
More than 500,000 Americans suffer each year from ulcerative colitis, Like Crohn's disease; it can be painful and debilitating and sometimes lead to life-threatening complications. This is according to the Mayo Clinic. Thus the case at hand presents Claire O'Brien, a 32 years old female admitted for possible bowel obstruction and passing of watery stools with bright red blood every 2 to hours. ...
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According to Crohn's and colitis Foundation of America or CCFA, 1.4 million Americans suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disease of IBD, with approximately 30,000 new cases each year (CCFA. 2006). Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease are chronic digestive disorders collectively known to belong under IBD due to the similarities of their signs and symptoms…
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