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Essay example - Business of Entertaiment

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The business of entertainment is monopolized by those who have made it to the top over the years. Actors, producers, directors, writers, designers, and others responsible in the making of films, theatre, music, and dance who have established their names and presence do not need trade unions…

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Equity has experience and a long history of espousing the performers' causes. Its contribution to the film industry is noteworthy, especially considering the tremendous availability of manpower in the industry where jobs and openings are sought after by ambitious, glamour-hungry young adults.
However, in recent times, Equity seems to be flourishing in the United States while floundering in the United Kingdom. Although Equity in Britain continues to paint a rosy picture about its activities, it is silent on the issue of the future of the British film industry. It has not provided any statistics about its role in the rise or turnaround of the film industry in any part of the world.
The British film industry is going through a critical phase with the number of films produced dropping over the past several years from the turn of the century. Uncertainty in tax legislations for relief is largely being blamed for the downturn. Competition from Hollywood is another factor held responsible for the debacle.
In such uncertain situation, it is too much to expect Equity to come to the aid of its members holding jobs and contracts in the British film industry. Even if Equity makes an attempt it will be only a token measure aimed at assuaging the members.
For the industry to make a come back, the collective will of the whole enterprise must focus on win-win situation for everyone. ...
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