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Racial and Socioeconomic Differences in Risk factors for Cardiovascular Disease among Southern Women. - Essay Example

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Racial and Socioeconomic Differences in Risk factors for Cardiovascular Disease among Southern Women.

9. The researchers agreed that the CV Risk Index created for this particular research work has not been tested elsewhere, so the scoring that were employed could not be reliably said to be representative of the risk of participants.
10. The Chi-square test was used to test the statistical significance of the research variables. For example, the percentage of African American women that has never smoked was greater than white women (60.7% vs 42.8%). Chi- square test was be used to test if this difference is statistically significant to make it a factor to consider in CVD
12. After breaking down each of the two main variables to be analyzed into four categories each, the Analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to analyze the effect of each of these categories on the main variable
14. The research article did state that the data were collected by questionnaires mailed to participants and that the questions were based on those recommended by the NIH. However, nothing is said with respect to maintaining the confidentiality of the participants or otherwise. ...
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4. I would rather agree that the research paper made it convincingly clear that further research works are vital to the understanding of cardiovascular risk factors and thus cardiovascular mortality and morbidity reduction. For instance, the researchers brought to the fore, the importance of contextual risk factors and socioeconomic status in researching cardiovascular disease prevalence and reduction.
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