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Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

In the meanwhile, Leo discovers that Stargirl is in love with him. They have time out. Over the time, Leo discovers and appreciates many aspects of Stargirl's personality such as reading newspapers, or observing people, and then helping them in different ways.
However, Leo is much embarrassed when Stargirl puts a note on the school bulletin board "STARGIRL LOVES LEO" (94). Moreover, he has to share the full-scale impact of Stargirl's shunning at the hands of others for being her boyfriend. He tries to hide his relation with Stargirl. He also begs Stargirl to be "normal" (47), which she does swiftly, and even switches name to Susan (her real name). Leo's happiness on this change soon vanishes when the students keep shunning Stargirl and Leo.
Stargirl's character opens up more when she delivers a speech at a contest in Phoenix. She calls her speech "I Might Have Heard a Moa." Despite winning that contest, Stargirl's hopes for acceptance by the students at Mica fritter away. Disillusioned, she resumes her identity as Stargirl.
Stargirl feels change in Leo's attitude, and mentions it to him by saying, "I know you're not going to ask me to the Ocotillo Ball" (118). She gives Leo her usual smile and at which Leo hates her. He actually does not invite her to the Ocotillo Ball. She still goes, enchants everybody again, and disappears forever. Leo is unable to find her whereabouts.
At the end of the novel, Fifteen years later, Leo visit ...
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Stargirl's different personality arouses students' curiosity at school. She is quite popular and becomes an unofficial cheerleader during football games. The trouble begins when she starts to cheer for both teams at a game and even helps an injured player on opposite team…
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