Medication Errors

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Introduction: Medications errors in medical practice are harming millions of patients, and the extent of harm may translate into death, injury, potentially life-threatening clinical situations that lead to extended suffering and hospital stays, or permanent disabilities.


Since in the healthcare setting, especially in the hospital in-patient environment, the nurse remains in contact with the patient for the better half of the time, the nurses are the executors of care, and they are the final common pathways of transmission of the care processes. As a result, any error made in any step of the care being undetected will appear as a deficit in standards of practice on the part of the nurses. It is not true that nurses do not make any errors, but despite being very careful, there are many other factors that may be found involved in such a medication error incident. Despite not being directly committed by the nurse if an adverse event from drug happens due to error, the nurse is often implicated in such a situation. Present scenario of healthcare demands that every professional should exercise their knowledge and expertise in every step of administered healthcare to prevent such errors. Unfortunately, the blame often falls on the nurse, but it is imperative to find out the preventative solutions to this problem rather than finding the scapegoat (Strand, J.N., Ferner, R. E., Anthony, C., Teichman, P., and Bates, D.W., 2001).
The First Article: Published on June 15, 2006, in The Times and written by Lisa Greene, this article carried the headline, Nurse Error Spotlight Drug's Danger: A pregnant woman died of a magnesium sulfate overdose at South Florida Baptist, despite the drug's well-know ...
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