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Essay example - Fauvism

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Herchel Chipp's book, Theories of Modern Art: A Source Book by Artists and Critics, communicates the artistic movement of Fauvism found in twentieth century Europe and specifically the works of Henri Matisse. Fauvism was characterized by paintings that used intensely vivid, non-naturalistic and exuberant colors…

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Matisse describes his drawings based on his vision of expressionism and the idea of passion that is "mirrored on the human face, or betrayed by a violent gesture". (Chipp,132) The section, Notes of a Painter on his Drawing" was the resulting text, in which Matisse focused on his past works and present works, as he thought that he could never go back and change a painting that he had done. (Chipp, 132) Matisse demonstrates his value and appreciation towards the "old masters", such as Signac, Denis and Blanche. (Chipp, 131) He synthesized their works with his own examinations of nature, as he claims in his own book, Matisse on Art: "to absorb the lessons of the masters and then to 'forget' them in order to arrive at a means of personal expression". (Matisse, 129) Matisse further discusses the creation of space with regards to the objects that constitute them and their different planes in space, as he states: "in perspective, but in a perspective of feeling, in suggested perspective." (Matisse, 130) The idea of a radiant space is parallel to intangible space that can be seen in his paintings also, corresponding to Fauvism's use of space. (Chipp, 131) Matisse claims: "a drawing must have a power of expansion which can bring to life the space which surrounds it." (Chipp, 132)
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