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At this young age I saw what a difference a nurse can make. Nana, during this time, became ill and had to have both legs amputated. We got through it together. Those years were not all easy, but I gained much from them. I learnt lessons that have followed me throughout my life: perseverance, empathy, team work, and compassion. Sadly, Mum passed away, after a long battle with cancer, five years ago. With her last two years on earth, I was her primary caregiver. Although a sad time in life, I was blessed to be able to care for her during her final years.
I am a mother now of two beautiful children, ages 15 and 17. Watching them grow up and seeing how they have matured has brought me great joy. To experience the wonder of new discoveries through their eyes and assisting them to grow and mature into the young adults they have become is an experience I will always treasure. Having my own children has taught me that I have a natural talent in working with children. As my own children got older, I realized I missed the daily interactions with younger children and that was enough to ascertain my career working with children.
Initially, I became a Nursery Assistant working mostly as a caregiver. Although, neither glamorous nor high paying job, it was immensely rewarding. ...
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Early as I can remember, I have been drawn to medicine and helping people. When I was growing up my mother was in a serious accident and was in the hospital over a month. I remember spending days there with her watching the nurses come and go; seeing their care and concern; knowing they were helping someone else; but, mostly I remember aspiring to do the same with my life.
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