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Sage (2004) reviewed how schools in Britain are coping with inclusive education, putting together the views of administrative and teaching staff in primary, secondary, and special schools through a focused survey with head teachers, staff, and parents from three sample schools…

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literature rewiev

She likewise strongly suggested that adequate training of staff and teachers is needed to improve the quality of mainstreaming and inclusion practices.
The Audit Commission Report (2002) found that there is a gap between policy and practice, citing several cases of British schools where the duty to mainstream education is absent where the education of a child with SEN is incompatible with the rest. The same report discovered that children with SEN experienced greater or lesser difficulty in gaining admission to their school of choice.
Children with emotional and behavioural difficulties had most problems, followed by children with ADHD, and then those with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD). The report findings are supported by Sage (2004) and Wright (2003) but not by Wilkins et al. (2004).
Despite the widespread adoption of policies on mainstreaming, and more recently on inclusive education for children and young people with SEN, little is actually known about the relationship between what teachers think about such policies and the type of learning environments they provide.
A study (Monsen & Frederickson, 2004) in New Zealand involving 63 primary school teachers and 1,729 pupils concluded that children taught by teachers who espoused highly positiv ...
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