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Business environmental and public policy

The wrath of industry lobbyists and right wing media was sidelining the politicians of practical nature and who are capable of dealing with the situation as it demands.
The narrow margin for Gore in 2000 election is due to his practical ideas on issues like Global Warming. The people who were not at all concerned about the environmental problems and the persons who pander people rather than addressing to their real future needs were in the power. This was the cause of negligence of public safety issues like Global Warming and drawing back in curbing it. As a result the curbing of Global Warming was remained as untouchable. Moreover the campaigners who were against the curbing of Global Warming were publicizing the fact that recently the ice layers in Antarctica did rise in their thickness. Though it was said to be true the warming will be done and the sea level will rise after the extra thick ice was melt. The people who are saying that fact are taking into consideration the details of Antarctica this year. There may be an opposite evidence for their argument if they take the records of thickness of ice for over 10 years of time at the same period of the year.
The controversy is that some responsible scientists and politicians like ...
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The issue is Global Warming. It's not just that much simple as it seems to be, for there were energy-industry lobbyists and right wing media organizations were against the norms that are supposed to be taken.
It was believed that when we try to curb Global warming it will show a devastating affect on economy as the production cost of a major number of products will increase substantially…
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