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Essay example - Public Adminstration

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The effectiveness and competence of any organization is determined by its management. An enterprise attains its objectives by adopting a most favorable management (strategy). Administration is management in the public sphere. Public administration is defined as the management of public affairs…

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Among several issues like the history of a government, its form and reform, stands the topic on governmental organizations and classifications, on which a number of authors have written. Among these outstanding authors is Luther Gulick in his 'Notes on the Theory of Organization' (1937). This discussion focuses on the component parts of Gulick's ideas relative to organizational classification, how they interrelate and contribute to the whole.
In chapter 3 of the, 'The Craft of Public Administration', George Berkley and John Rouse attempt an Anatomy of Public Organisation. 'The article on the Machinery of Government Reform: Principles and Practice', (:Machinery of Government Reform Principles and Practice.htm) quotes the Haldane Report of 1918 on the 'distribution of government activities between government departments.' In effect, the Report proposes ten divisions in government ranging from Finance to Justice, despite recognising impossibility in 'co-operation between Departments in dealing with business of common interest" (Haldane 1918: 16). Contrary to the Heldane report, the American Public Administrator and Educator, Luther Hasely Gulick, 1892 - 1992, proposed four criteria for allocating government activities: purposes, such as furnishing water or conducting education; processes (employed), such as engineering,
medicine, carpentry: place, for example Hawaii, Bos ...
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