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Tuberculosis within Immigrants

There is no Hypothesis formulated as such. It is a retrospective cohort analysis which gives a summary of the trends. It postulates though that studies of this nature would help in postulating the as yet not known causes of such persistent incidence besides the reactivation of old infections and disease spread by normal transmission.
The authors include Annelies M Vos who is the first author, a PhD candidate at Erasmus MC at Rotterdam accompanied by Abraham Meima. On further research it is found that this is the first publication of Ms.Annelies whereas Abrahm Meima has done substantial work on Leprosy which could be discovered at (1) Another co-author Vivian Bos has worked on mortality in various socio-economic and ethnic groups in Netherlands. Borgdorff is associated with the KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation and has many publications regarding the etiology and epidemiology of Tuberculosis to credit.
Research sample included incident cases of tuberculosis which occurred more than six months after immigration so as to completely exclude the prevalent cases. According to the statistics mentioned, immigrant population formed a whopping 1/8th of the total population of Netherlands. Data was obtained from standard sources thus ascertaining its authenticity. The period of data collection was four years that between 1996-2000. ...
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The research paper evaluates the incidence and prevalence of Tuberculosis especially with reference to Immigrants even a decade after their immigration period. Tuberculosis being highly infectious and evolution of multiple drug resistant among strains makes this a pressing issue as it impacts the overall population health at large…
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