Discuss your shortterm and longterm career goals. What is your motivation for pursuing an MBA now at UCLA Anderson (750 words)

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It is said that human beings only 10% of their brain in their entire lifetime. When I was young, this idea serves as a constant inspiration which motivates me to press on harder every time I feel on the edge of my capacity. I thought 90% of the brain represents a huge untapped reservoir of capabilities which can irrefutably be developed when an individual aims to surpass the average human being.


Having been born in a family where education is recognized as an important input for success, I am endowed with the passion of learning and the utmost goal of reaching my maximum potential as an individual. I believe that the essence of life is the continuous quest of enlarging my knowledge and developing my skills in all life's aspects. Knowledge and skills are both built not just from the experiences at home, school, and work but in every place where we find ourselves. However, the choice of place where we derive knowledge from determines the quality of education that we attain and therefore puts strong impact on the skills which we posses and will utilize once we are in the corporate world.
My choice of pursuing an MBA in UCLA Anderson is in part of my short-term goal of acquiring the necessary capabilities which will mold me into a competent leader in the business world. Being employed in the internationally acclaimed accounting firm Ernst and Young as an auditor, I currently feel the strong need of equipping myself with the much needed skills and knowledge and enlarging my scope in order to enhance my proficiency. The return to graduate school will enable me to learn the science and art of management while allowing me to understand how business organizations operate. ...
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