Corporate ethics

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British companies, in concession to both legislature and societal realities, are increasingly working towards the diversification of their workforce. Realising that societal heterogeneity must translate into employee diversity, Morrison (1992) states that there is an observable trend among British companies to adopt diversity programmes and create a diversified workforce.


Both of the mentioned positions, largely due to the fact that they are predicated on inarguably ethical considerations, lead one towards the realisation of the degree to which the question raised constitutes an ethical dilemma. While this paper shall tend towards a support of the ethics of achieving workforce diversity, it will only do so following the identification of the issue as an ethical dilemma.
The most straightforward definition of an ethical dilemma is a clash between two goods. If we accept the notion that ethical teaching directs one's actions towards doing that which benefits the good of the majority, rather than that of the minority, then we will begin to comprehend the concept of ethical dilemma as referring to instances wherein two alternate, and even conflicting, decisions may lead to equally good consequences (Crane and Matten, 2003; Lovell and Fisher, 2005; Crane and Matten, 2006). Diversity comprises an ethical dilemma because support for its realisation implies support for and the empowerment of marginalised groups. ...
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