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Sex and Gender Identity

Nowadays it has become obvious that such 'typical' sexual features as height, weight, musculature and sinews are a great deal less connected with sex than it had consider to be. Aside from men and women biological distinctions there is a division of their social roles, forms of activities, difference in their behavior and emotional characteristics. Long ago anthropologists, ethnographers, and historians have ascertained in relativity of 'typically man' and 'typically women' notions. The point is that the same activity (behavior, characteristic), which in one community is regarded as manlike, may be treated as womanish in the other.
The world's variety of social characteristics of both men and women and fundamental sameness of human beings' biological characteristics brings us to a conclusion that biological sex can not be taken as an explanation to dissimilarity of their social roles, existing in different communities. Accordingly the notion of gender as summation of social and cultural norms, which are appointed by the society depending on the biological sex of individual, comes into being.
Let us consider two articles: 'Sex and Gender Identity' written by Jami L. ...
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Modern science distinguishes notions of sex and gender. Traditionally the first one is used to denominate those anatomical (physiological) particular qualities of individuals, on the basis of which all human beings are qualified as men and women. Sex (i.e…
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