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Obesity Prevention in America

Realizing the serious public health threat of obesity epidemic prevention focused action plan aimed at decreasing the number of obese children and youth in the United States has been developed by The Institute of Medicine (IOM), which gives explicit goals and recommendations of action plan for preventing obesity and promoting a healthy weight in children and youth in different segments of society based on the best available evidence. As community participation plays a crucial role in promoting health, a collaborative interdisciplinary partnership with community members is expected to further the U.S health initiatives by helping to identify effective strategies that support behavioral change among susceptile groups and implement sustainable program outcomes. Concerted effort by state and federal government, healthcare providers, community participants, as well as individual commitment to make lifestyle modifications will prevent the scourge of obesity and co-morbidities associated with it.
Obesity is generally associated with consuming more calories than the body needs and imbalance between calories consumed and calories burned, which may be due to genetic, hormonal, behavioral, environmental, or even cultural factors. ...
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Obesity is generally perceived to have developed from our own bad habits, though genetic, socio-economic, and environmental factors contribute to the spread of this epidemic. Unprecedented increase in prevalence of obesity among adolescents and young adult population in recent years is a challenge before policy makers, researchers, healthcare providers, and the society as a whole compelling these stake holders to evolve better strategies to tackle this scourge…
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