Comparative of two countries police agencies

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Based in foreign countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan but actively operating in Australia and alleged to be supporting terrorist training to the Australians and receiving heavy funding from Australia.
Al-Qaida, Armed Islamic Group (GIA), and Hezbollah are the major terrorist organizations operating in Italy.


In particular, the rate of crime and imprisonment, death punishment and juvenile justice system are some of the features of the country's criminal justice system that make it distinct from many countries. Australia is also one of the countries with different crime and imprisonment rates as well as approaches towards death punishment and youth offence as compared to the United States. The country's juvenile justice system, in particular, is significantly different form the one prevailing in the United States.
This essay identifies and elaborates various differences that are prevalent in the criminal justice system of Australia and the United States. It discusses from basic crime and imprisonment rates to distinct juvenile justice systems in both the countries.
The criminal justice system of Australia and the United States are marked with significant differences. Despite the fact that both the countries belong to the realm of western world, yet there happen to be several aspects where the criminal justice system of the U.S. and Australia differ. In Australia there were a total of 45,201 sworn police officers in the year 2004-05 (Sworn police officers in Australia, 2006), whereas in the United States there were 673,146 sworn officers in the year 2005 (Full-time Law Enforcement Employees, 2005). ...
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